Website Accessibility Solutions

Meet your compliance goals with our comprehensive Website accessibility solutions. Our Web accessibility packages include: conformance planning, website assessment and reporting, and accessibility repair and remediation.

Section 508 and WCAG Conformance Planning

The CDS media Center offers accessibility conformance planning for federal, state, and other organizations. Our planning services include a preliminary site assessment / analysis, and an initial consultation to identify accessibility objectives in line with applicable laws and regulations (i.e.Section 508 and the W3Cs Content Accessibility Guidelines). We’ll guide you through the planning process and develop a comprehensive plan to bring your site into conformance.

Comprehensive Website Reviews and Reporting

At the Media Center, we provide accessibility assessment services that align with the World Wide Web Consortium’s Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our assessment services are performed by trained experts, and include a range of automated and manual tests including: CSS/HTML validation, automated accessibility testing, and manual tests with a screen reader. Once we’ve completed a thorough review of your site, we’ll deliver a detailed report of our findings along with an estimate for completing accessibility upgrades.

Website Accessibility Repair and Remediation

The CDS Media Center offers website accessibility repair and remediation for government and non-profit websites. Our accessibility repair services include template and theme programming, video captioning, content updates, and more. Our trained experts will work with you throughout the remediation process to achieve the desired level of conformance. When this process is complete, we’ll meet with you to review all changes made, and to discuss best practices to maintain your target conformance level.

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